Payout2u Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (PMCSL)

Payout2u Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (PMCSL) is born out of deep love for humanity since June 2-2014, we stand to eradicate poverty through wealth creation to humanity, the down trodden, the poor, and the needy, making them to recover and achieve their destiny, reaching their goals in life, refining their lives through every positive legitimate means of possibilities.

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Why Choose Us

Financial Assistance

Our objective is to render financial assistance and other welfare packages for members of our cooperatives. Payout2u Multipurpose Cooperative been granting loan facilities to its qualified members on monthly basis

Members Sponsorship

We have sponsored many members to acquire shops and building. We have helped our members to achieve their future dreams of business establishments over the years. Emergency Loan for Medical issues without interest charges were also granted.

Enriching Lifes

Payout2u multipurpose cooperative society limited is growing every year with a lot of enriching services to render to its members. What are you waiting for? Please invite your friends to join us and benefit from our cooperation

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